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Our services

Our priority is your customers' experience.

Frontline Services

We understand that no two businesses are the same and as such, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of every client.

The result: a personalised corporate hospitality solution that delivers.

Commissionaire Service

We recognise that customers’ first impressions are formed when they first enter a facility. Your business facilities may therefore require pre-booked parking and access control services to ensure adherence to security regulations while also guaranteeing that your guests are adequately catered for.

Our commissionaire service coordinates and streamlines these processes so that your valued customers experience premium customer service from the time they first enter your premises.

Reception Service

Leveraging our expertise in the hospitality industry, we understand the significant importance of a welcoming reception environment.

Our reception professionals bring life to your organisation’s brand and values, delivering a superior customer service through their professionalism, etiquette and industry knowledge.

Corporate Concierge Service

As a leading hospitality-focused business, we recognise the impact a concierge service can have on the brand and operations of large organisations. From a friendly greeting, to providing guests with advice and direction, concierge services make guests feel welcome and at ease.

Our skilled team of floor concierges are always ready to help guests who need assistance and are trained to recognise where their services may be needed before actually requested.

Client Liaison Service

Many of South Africa’s business precincts are characterised by high-rise buildings encompassing various corporate offices within a single building. Incorporating a main reception area at the entrance of these shared office spaces helps guide and direct guests to the business they are visiting.

Our client liaison services ensure that your guests experience a superior customer experience from the time they enter your shared office space, even before they reach your company doors.

Our client liaison officers act as an extension of your company’s own reception area, providing personalised customer service within your operating divisions.

Host Service

More and more corporate offices have introduced luxury facilities for executive engagement and negotiation. Our managed service portfolio takes this offering one step further, implementing a unique host service specifically for premier clients.

This VIP management model assigns a dedicated host to each VIP guest. The host is available to the client for every minute of their visit from welcoming them , to escorting them to their meetings.




Food and Beverage






Admin & Accounts








Switchboard Service

For customers who reach out to your business telephonically, a warm welcome from a highly trained switchboard operator creates a positive impression of your corporate brand.

Our professional team of switchboard operators focus on solution-based interaction with clients, exceeding the customer service expectations of callers every time they pick up the phone.

Facility Co-ordinator Service

Many corporates have established professional, luxury internal facilities where they are able to meet with customers and colleagues.

To enhance such facilities, our experienced function co-ordinators ensure efficient booking management and the preparation and coordination of meeting rooms and venues. With our team of experts at hand, guests are guaranteed a smooth and memorable experience.

Training Service

Our training services are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you require training for internally managed frontline staff or continued coaching and development of a service team managed by Zest, our goal is the same – to maintain continued excellence and ensure the brand consistency of our clients customer experience.

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